Top 10 Tips for Saving Money On Flights in 2022

When planning a trip to any place be it a family vacation, a solo trip, or a business trip the flight ticket cost is one of the costliest parts of the trip. Flight tickets can cost as much as your staying, flooding, and activities cost combined and that can affect your travel expense budget especially if you are traveling to budget-friendly destinations. So cut short on your flight ticket expenses, let's see a few tips which you can use while booking flight tickets in order to get cheap flight tickets.

Do Early Booking

Once the plannings are done and the destination to go decided the very next thing one should do is book the flight ticket as soon as possible. It is often seen that the flight ticket fare starts increasing two to three weeks before the destined travel date. The ticket rates are highly reasonable if you are booking within one to three months from the departure date. One of the other advantages of early booking is that you can get the seat of your choice which is very scarce, especially during the peak seasons.

Be Flexible With Date and Time

It is advantageous if you are flexible with your dates while you are booking flight tickets as it is not necessary that the day and time for which you are booking the flight is the cheapest day, there can be some other day on which the flight rates are cheap. This happens due to the fluctuation in the flight rates and in that case if you are flexible with your booking dates then there is a high chance that you will end up booking flights at cheap rates. On average, you can keep -3 and +3 days in hand to book cheap flight tickets.

Do Thorough Searching and Rate Comparison

It is advisable to avoid restricting yourself to just one portal for flight booking. You should do a thorough search and compare flight rates across booking sites whether it is an airline site or any third-party site before booking a flight ticket as there are chances that you may get flight tickets at cheaper rates on any other site which you can miss if you are stuck with one portal only. It is suggested to do booking through third-party sites as they provide great deals and often provide additional deals as well.

Pay Using Another Currency

It is seen that if you pay for a flight using currency whose value is less than the current value of your current location then it's advantageous as you can land up booking flights at cheaper rates due to the currency conversion factor. Most of the budget flights insist on paying in the currency of the place from where you are departing but it's not a mandate for most of the flights. If your airline company allows the same you can pay in another currency using your credit card but make sure that there are no international charges which will be incurred as it can lead to over-expending. Another resort can be you can use VPN to mask your location with some other location and do the booking as well.

Book Budget Airlines and Do Bulk Booking

You can book budget airlines for short-distance flights as they can be booked at cheaper rates. The budget airlines services cut out the traditional services which are offered like food, beverages, luggage fee, etc which decreases the ticket rates. They don't offer a Luxury flight experience but still provide a satisfactory travel experience. Airlines companies like Indigo, Air India, Spice jet offer cheap flight rates as compared to other airlines. When booking a flight if you are doing the bulk booking for multi-city flights then it is of great advantage to your pockets.

Book on Cheapest Days

You can make use of flight search engines or check tickets availability and rates for the whole month. In this way, you can get to know on which day the flight tickets are cheap and on which they are high. It is seen that on some routes the flight tickets are cheaper during weekdays i.e. from Monday to Friday and are costly during the weekends on Saturday and Sundays. It's not the same for all the routes, there can be routes where the other way round is applicable or it is also seen that in some routes there are some specific days when the flight tickets are cheap. You can visit various flight booking sites and compare the weekdays and weekends flight rates and book your ticket. You can also subscribe for the notify me option which can notify you when the flight rates on a particular route are less.

Use Incognito Mode or Private Browsing Mode

It can be often seen that if you have searched something on the internet in the normal mode of the browser then you get recommendations of similar kinds of things in your browser. This is due to the cookie setting which allows the search engines to save last searches. Most of the search engines and websites save the customer's information. It helps in displaying inflated rates of flight tickets of the route when the customer searches for flights between the route which he or she has previously searched. So it is advisable to switch to the incognito mode or user private browsing mode when searching for flight tickets as it does not store the search history and resets your cookies every time you log in.

Travel in Off Season

If you want to spend less on your flight tickets then you can travel during off-seasons as the flight tickets are available at cheaper rates during off-seasons. The Airlines company increases the ticket rates during holiday and peak seasons understanding the travel needs of customers. So if you want to book a cheap flight then you can book one to three months before the departure date or you can travel in the offseason to get cheap flight tickets.

Book Tickets for Hidden Cities

Sometimes it is advantageous to book tickets on flights that stop at your destination place instead of booking direct tickets. You can get down to your destination when the flight lands. In this case, one can get off at the connecting city and it can cost you cheap as well. For example, if you want to go to Delhi from Mumbai then instead of getting a direct Mumbai - Delhi flight you can book a ticket in Mumbai Lucknow flight which has Delhi as a stop, and get down at Delhi airport. If you are booking such a ticket it's advisable to have a carry-on suitcase as you can only get your checked-in luggage when the flight reaches the destination airport.

You Can Book Non Refundable Tickets

If you are sure of the traveling you can book Non - Refundable tickets in that case. It is seen that it is a common practice among airlines companies to keep the price of the non - refundable flight tickets less than the refundable tickets.

So the next time you are planning a trip and looking for booking cheap flights you can follow the above-mentioned tips which can be beneficial for getting your flight tickets at an affordable price. You can also book tickets from travolook where you can get flight tickets at an affordable rate and also many exciting offers for making flight tickets even cheaper.