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These Terms of Services along with the Terms of Use which can be denoted as the User agreement comprises the legally binding agreement between you as an individual or on behalf of an entity (“You/User”) and Wing In Travel Advisory ( which is a travel company in India regarding the access and usage of (the “Site) on any electronic medium which can comprise of desktop, laptop or mobile which also include the mobile app being used on any platform and is not limited to ios/Android. is a domain which is Wing In travel Advisory which is herein referred to as (“Varafi”, “we”, “us” or “our”).

By accessing the Varafi website or while using the services available on the site you agree that you have read and understood and are bound to all the Terms And Conditions of usage of the website.

While accessing the Varafi site if you are accessing any sub-site, hyperlink, or webpage which may belong to an associate of Varafi or otherwise through this site then you must be aware of the fact that the sub-sites, webpage, or hyperlinks have their own and specific set of terms and conditions which can be different from the varafi terms and conditions. There can be a set of additional terms of use which are set by the redirecting sub-site, webpage, or hyperlink.

We may add to, change or remove any part of these Terms of Use at any time, without notice.

At any point in time, we can add, remove or modify any part of the Terms and Conditions without any prior notice and are not subject to any claims.

Any changes done in the Terms of Use or any terms and conditions posted on the site are applicable from the second it is posted on the website.

It's the individual's responsibility to periodically review the Terms of Usage in order to stay informed and update to avoid any unfortunate circumstances.

In case you are not in agreement with the Terms of Use mentioned on this site you must discontinue the use of the website immediately.

Varafi acts as an Intermediary platform with the sole goal of assisting the customers in gathering travel-related information which may comprise checking the availability of the travel-related services, making legitimate reservations or transacting business with travel suppliers, or facilitating travel requirements. You provide your acknowledgment of the fact that Varafi only provides intermediary service which is in accordance to provide facilitated service to you. Varafi is not the only or last service provider to you for travel-related services and thus Varafi is not destined to be responsible for any lack or deficiency in the services provided by any individual or airline or similar agency or for any other reason whatsoever be the scenario.


The Varafi website is for use by individuals who are above the age of 18 years. Any person who is under the age of 18 Years is not permitted to use or register on the website. In case you are a minor then you must use the website under the supervision or presence of your parents or any guardian and they must read and understand the Terms of Use mentioned on the website and must agree to the terms of use of the website for you to use the website.

By using the website you represent and agree that

1. You possess the legal authority to create a legally binding obligation and enter the Terms and conditions.

2. All the details entered by you on the website are true, accurate, current, and complete to the best of your knowledge.

3. You are not considered a minor as per the jurisdiction under which you reside. In case if you are a minor then you must receive parental permission for using the website.

4. You will use this website to doing valid reservations for yourself as an individual or for any other person for whom you are legally authorized to do so.

5. You will provide your actual Name as mentioned in any of the government IDs or passports along with the correct Email ID and Mobile number for any future communication. You will be the only person responsible for the details provided by you on the website and in case of any error or mistake in the information mentioned by you, varafi will not be held responsible for the same.

6. You will not access the website by the use of any automated or non-human means like the use of any bot, script, or other automated means.

7. You will not use the site for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

8. Your site usage will not in any way violate the applicable rules and regulations.

9. If you are an existing member of the website then you will, by all means, safeguard your login credentials i.e. your user id and password, and will supervise the same. You will be the only person responsible for the use and misuse of your account from your end or any other individual.

10. When you do any transaction on the Varafi website, you will receive an email from Varafi mentioning your transaction details. The email will be sent to the email id provided to you on the Varafi website and Varafi will not be responsible for receipt of the email in your inbox. You are responsible for entering your correct contact details which include email id, mobile number, and name so that we or the airline agency can connect with you.

The site and Its Content

This site is for personal use only. You shall not copy, adapt, license, distribute, modify, exchange or sell any content or material from this site which includes and is not limited to any image, text, audio, video, or any link for any business, commercial or public purpose.

You will not access or use the site for any purpose other than the purpose for which the site has been built and is made available. The site shouldn't be used for any commercial endeavors which are not endorsed or approved from our end.

Varafi provides you with non-exclusive, non-transferable, and limited rights to view, use and transact on the website. You must agree not to interrupt or attempt to interrupt the operation of the site in any way. Access to some areas of the site is restricted to the members who are registered on the website. In order to become a registered member, you are required to provide answers to certain questions and provide certain details which are asked. Providing answers to such details is mandatory. You agree that the details provided by you on our website are true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

You must understand that Varafi does not guarantee that the files available for download from the website are free of any virus, worms, or external codes which may be damaging. It’s your responsibility for implementing the required procedures to satisfy your particular requirement for accuracy of data input and output.

This site is only for consumer use. A travel agent/ tour operator/consolidator or aggregator should not use this site in order to do the booking for any individual or group. If any such activity is traced then Varafi has the right, including without limitation, to cancel such bookings without any notice to the particular individual. The discount coupons are applicable to the customer for the purpose of individual use only.

You cannot use the content mentioned on this site which includes and is not limited to audio, image, video, text, icons, or any details mentioned on the website.


1. Systematically retrieve any kind of data or any other content present or which comes under the Varafi in order to create any collection, compilation, or any kind of database without the written permission or consent from us.

2. Make any unauthorized use of the site which includes collecting username or email id or the customers by any electronic or non-electronic medium for the use of sending unsolicited email or creating fake accounts by the use of any automation/ bot or scripts.

3. Use our site for advertising to sell goods or services or linking to any unauthorized websites/ images/ text or links without our permission.

4. Do any fraud or trick with us or any of the customers in order to get any kind of user details or login credentials.

5. Engage yourself in any kind of automated system used for generating comments or emails or use any scripts or automated bots or any kind of bug for extracting any kinds of details.

6. Attempt to interfere with the working of the website or create an unnecessary burden on the network or services connected with the website.

7. Attempt to impersonate any other individual or use the login credential of any other user or individual.

8. Sell or otherwise transfer your profile.

9. Use any information which is obtained from the website for harassing or abusing any person.

10. Use the site in a way that is inconsistent with any applicable rules and regulations.

11. Upload or attach files on the website which contain any kind of virus, corrupted file, or any kind of software or file which is harmful to the site or damages the user experience.

12. Use the website or any content of the website for any commercial purpose.

13. Make any speculative or fraudulent reservation to fulfill any kind of demand.


There are a few areas on the website in which you can give your feedback and reviews which helps us to make your experience on the website more smooth and hassle-free to improve user experience. While posting a review on the Varafi website you must comply with the following criteria:

1. You should have experience with the product or service for which a review is to be provided.

2. Your review or comment should not contain any abusive, racist, slang, or any word which is offensive or portray hate in any manner.

3. Your review should not contain any discriminatory references which are based on religion, race, gender, the nation of origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or any kind of disability.

4. Your review should not contain references to illegal activities.

5. You should not link with any competitors if you are posting any positive or negative reviews.

6. You should not post any false or misleading comments.

7. You should not organize any kind of campaign which encourages others to give any kind of reviews.

The acceptance, rejection, or removal of any review is under our sole discretion. We have absolutely no obligation when it comes to screening or deletion of reviews even if the review is considered inappropriate or objectionable. The reviews are not endorsed by any means from our end and neither do they represent our opinion or views of any of our affiliates or partners.

We are not liable for any claims or losses which result from any reviews at any point.

Varafi Rights

If any individual is sending any communication or material to the website by any electronic mail or any other medium which includes comments, questions, data, suggestions, or any kind of reviews, in this case, the communication can be considered as Non - Confidential by the company.

Any material submitted on this Site may be adapted, broadcasted, changed, copied, disclosed, licensed, performed, posted, published, sold, transmitted, or used by Company anywhere in the world by any medium.

If there is any kind of fraud or suspicious activity found on your account or booking or then varafi has all the rights to cancel the travel or reservation associated with your name, email address, or account and can also close the account or any account associated with the fraud account.

All the necessary steps required for the safety of the Varafi site are reserved under Varfi rights. By all means, Varafi has all the rights to take various steps to verify and confirm the authenticity, credibility, and validity of the order placed by you.

If any transaction at any point in time is found to be unauthentic or invalid then under Varafi's sole and exclusive discretion, Varafi may cancel the transaction at any point before the departure of the relevant flight booked through Varafi.