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Flights to Singapore

Resting on the tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is a global economic powerhouse. For nearly a century, it has been Southeast Asia's most modern metropolis. Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian, and English cultures and faiths coexist in the city. Expats or immigrant nationals from all over the world make up about a quarter of the population. Its diverse traditional fabric provides guests with a wide variety of sightseeing and gastronomic options. Famously referred to as "The World's Most Livable City," Singapore surpasses the expectations of every traveller.

Places to Visit in Singapore

The beautiful Gardens, architectural wonders and cable car are just few things to see in Singapore. Listed below are the top most tourist spots to visit in Singapore.

The Gardens By the Bay

This place is a popular tourist attraction in Singapore that consists of two futuristic domes namely The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. The Flower Dome features plants that grow in semi-arid locations and simulates a moderate, dry environment, whereas Cloud Forest features colourful flowering plants from tropical highland regions along with a steel mountain and a waterfall.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is home to about 2,800 creatures representing over 300 species of mammals, birds, and reptiles, all of which are housed in a rainforest setting. The park also has the first free-ranging orang utan habitat in a zoo in the world.

Cloud Forest

welcomes the inquisitive and daring with one of the world's tallest inside waterfalls and a beautiful mountain coated in infinite lush green plants from all over the world. As you travel along its distinctive overhead pathways, you get to see some of the world's most unusual plant species from close quarters.

The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is a large panoramic wheel that towers between the skyscrapers of Singapore's cityscape. A picturesque ride on the Singapore Flyer brings you up to 42 storeys above earth, allowing you to take in the stunning panorama below.

Jurong Bird Park

At Asia's largest bird sanctuary, the Jurong Bird Park, one can spend an entertaining day with family along with the company of some amazing avian species. Catch up to 5000 amazing birds from 400 different kinds. At the newly new African Treetops zone, you get to see the magnificent Philippine Eagles, some of the world's largest eagles, and meet the vibrantly coloured starlings and turacos.

Best Food in Singapore

is a tiny country with an insatiable hunger for food. Even if you're on a diet, you can't imagine missing out on Singapore's delights. The good news is that Singaporean food isn't only about prawns, fish, and chicken; it also loves vegetables. So we'll go from vegetarians to carnivores to give you a sense of what to eat in Singapore. Khway Chap, Laksa, Rojak, Fish head curry, Chilli crab, chicken rice, Char Kway Teow, Wantan Mee, Chai Tow, Kuay and Ice Kachang are few of the most popular and must try dishes of Singapore.

Shopping in Singapore

Make sure you bring Asian antiques and memorabilia home with you when you visit the shopping hub of Asia, Singapore. Other products available for purchase include gold-plated flowers, jewellery, watches, home décor, trinkets, and fragrances. Cheap flights to Singapore are available for techie freaks who would love to shop from the extensive electronics market, which offer the latest products at affordable prices. Orchard road is the best bet to shop in Singapore.

Best Time to Visit Singapore

Although Singapore is a perennial destination, the ideal time to visit Singapore is between February and April as this period is comparatively more dry with little rainfall as compared to other time periods of the year. However the best time to visit Singapore for shoppers is between July and August, when the Great Singapore Sale is held.

How to Get Cheap Flight Tickets for Singapore

Being flexible with your vacation dates is one of the greatest strategies to get affordable tickets to Singapore. Search for your flights and then select "flexible dates" from the drop-down menu above the results. It will show you the best deals for nearby days. Go to our offers area to get great flight travel prices. offers a variety of promo codes and discount codes that you may use to save money on your airline tickets.

How to Reach Singapore

Flights are the most convenient method to go to Singapore from India. Singapore's elegant Changi Airport is well connected to India, with daily flights from a variety of places. All major cities of India have connectivity to Singapore Airport. Cheap flights are available from Delhi to Singapore, Mumbai to Singapore, Kolkata to Singapore, Oune to Singapore etc.

Major Airlines flying from Singapore

Singapore Airlines, Air India, Tiger Airways, Jet Airways, and Air India Express are just a few of the major airlines that fly between India and Singapore

Delhi to Singapore

It takes 5 hours 45 minutes non stop flight time to reach Singapore from Delhi. Total 67 flights fly from Singapore. Use the codes to get great deals on domestic flights. Make your reservation with and have the freedom to change your arrangements at any time.

Mumbai to Singapore

The flight duration between Mumbai and Singapore is around 5 hours and 30 minutes. Depending on the number of halts and the amount of time spent waiting, a single stop flight can take up to 7 hours. The Mumbai to Singapore travel packages have the option of tailoring the itinerary to your specific requirements, which is an extra bonus. Quite a few airlines flying from Mumbai to Singapore provide space for sleeping available on a pay per use basis. Approx 25 flights fly daily on this route out of which 2 are direct and 23 are connecting flights.

Bangalore to Singapore

When it comes to booking a flight from Bangalore to Singapore, there are plenty of options available. This route is served by a number of economy and prestige airlines. You can check out the details on our website to book a flight from Bangalore to Chennai. From early morning until late at night, there are around 101 flights every day between Bangalore and Singapore. One trip from Bangalore to Singapore is a nonstop flight, while the other 100 are connecting flights.

Chennai to Singapore

The average flight time between Chennai (MAA) and Singapore (SIN) is 9 hours and 10 minutes. This is the estimated time for a nonstop flight. For flights from Chennai to Singapore, there are several airlines to select from. Indigo, Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air India, and Emirates are some of the major airlines that fly from Chennai to Singapore. There are 48 flights per week flying from Chennai to Singapore Changi Airport.

FAQs - Singapore Flights

Q:1 Is it necessary to acquire travel insurance when flying?

Purchasing travel insurance for air travel offers numerous advantages, but it is not required. Travel insurance provides coverage for medical situations that occur during air travel, such as luggage loss, aircraft delays, and flight cancellations. These benefits are especially useful if you are travelling internationally and your trip involves a stopover.

Q:2 Is a passport and visa required for air travel in Singapore?

It is essential to carry both of them. For travelling to Singapore, you must have a valid passport and visa. You must have a photocopy of your ID card with you.

Q:3 Do I need to bring my Covid immunisation certificate with me while flying?

Yes, you can fly with your Covid vaccine final certificate, however you must read the Covid recommendations.

Q:4 Which papers should I bring with me on my trip from Singapore to Delhi?

Passport, visa, Adhar card, Pan card, plane ticket, and boarding pass should all be carried in your bag whether flying from Singapore to Delhi or Delhi to Singapore. Make sure that all of the paperwork you're carrying is up to date.