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Flights to Dubai

One of the most popular destinations Dubai is known as the “Paris of the Middle East,” Just because of its beautiful & luxurious lifestyle, distinctive culture, and attractions, Dubai is visited by many tourists throughout the world. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum, Dubai Marina, Palm Islands, Jumeirah Mosque, and many places are the top tourist attractions of Dubai, which you should not miss during your Dubai trip. If you wish to enjoy your Dubai trip and looking for cheap flight ticket deals then Varafi is the best platform for you. Whenever you plan for a Dubai trip, ensure that you are booking your air tickets at the perfect time, because the pleasant climate allows tourists to enjoy the sightseeing. Dubai international airport primarily serves major international airlines from India, the USA, London, Paris, and other countries.

About Dubai

Dubai is the largest urban city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai and the. The city evolved quickly in the early twenty-first century from a modest fishing town to a sophisticated metropolis with a concentration on tourism and hospitality. The city is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Dubai is a skyscraper-studded metropolis with ports and beaches, where major commerce coexists with sun-seeking holidaymakers. Although Islam is the main religion, Dubai's mosques cohabit with churches and Hindu temples. There's a lot that can be said about Dubai. It's an ex-pat sanctuary, a world-class vacation spot, and a sandbox for the affluent and famous. Dubai is a significant port city, and the city's waterways provide a distinct perspective. Many of the city's major hotels and monuments can be seen from the water as you cruise down the huge Dubai Water Canal. Dubai features the world's longest automatic railway network which is 74.6 kilometers long and provides contemporary, luxurious services. This railway system is a fantastic way to see the entire region on a shoestring budget. To sum up, Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates that is noted for its high-end shopping, cutting-edge architecture, and vibrant nightlife. The 830m-tall Burj Khalifa tower outshines the skyscraper-filled skyline. The Dubai Fountain, with its jets and lights coordinated with music, is located at its foot. Atlantis, The Palm, a resort featuring water and marine-animal parks, is located on man-made islands offshore.

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is an ideal place for planning a vacation. It is the most entertaining tourist destination with plenty of interesting places to visit. Though the places are numerous, a few popular attractions are listed below

Burj Khalifa

Among the many locations to see in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is one of the most fascinating. . There are 57 elevators and 8 escalators in the building. Inside, the décor and ambiance appear to be immersed in creative vibrancy. The structure and interior designs attest to the vast amount of money that has gone into this venture. The Islamic architecture of that region has inspired the design. The summit, which is located on the 124th level, has an observation deck. From there, you may enjoy a spellbinding panorama of the city center. There is a fountain inside that is said to have 6,600 lights and is the world's largest.

The Palm Islands

The Palm Islands are made up of two man-made islands, the Palm Jumeirah and the Palm Jebel Ali. Tourists may visit Palm Jumeirah, which is one of Dubai's most famous tourist destinations and the city's only finished island. The island is shaped like a palm tree. The greatest way to see the Palm Islands is from the air or from atop one of Dubai's numerous high-rise skyscrapers, including the Burj Khalifa's Observation Deck. Take a Speedboat from Palm Jumeirah to explore some of the key sites in the area to cruise the islands.

Dubai Museum

The Museum of the Future in Dubai is a modern technology-themed new-age museum. As the name implies, this museum showcases an aggregation of goods from the future, ranging from games to gadget concepts, all of which add to the pleasure of visiting the place. This museum will undoubtedly entertain you, whether you want to visit with your children or simply want to tour it on your own. This futuristic museum is set to become one of the city's most intriguing tourist attractions, having been named one of the world's most inventive constructions. Practical exhibitions, spectacular displays, and unusual technologies that have yet to be released to the world provide tourists with valuable insight into the future of human technology and creativity. Here you can get a peek into creative potential and what the world could look like after a few decades. Along with the exhibits, the museum's construction reflects its inventiveness, with a piece of the structure being built by robots. Massive steel plates with Arabic inscriptions characterize the façade.

Al Bastakiya

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, also known as Al Fahidi District, is a conserved quarter of historic buildings that serve as the last remaining examples of Dubai's past. They are now filled with small museums, art exhibitions, cafés, and guest homes that portray historical and cultural stories. The city tour of Dubai includes Al Bastakiya. Bastakiya's structures date back over a century. It is thought to have been erected around 1890 by Sunni Iranian traders escaping violence in their country and settling in Dubai. They arrived from Bastak, Iran, which ultimately became the name of the area where they resided. During its heyday, the Bastakiya had 60 homes divided by narrow and twisting roads. Immigrant laborers from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh occupied these homes during Dubai's unexpected economic prosperity in the 1950s. Some of them were even turned into warehouses. However, after a few decades, Dubai's authorities opted to preserve them as a symbol of the city's history. In the early 2000s, they were then returned to their original forms before being reopened. It is a fascinating place for tourists to get a peek into the bygone era.

Dubai Fountain

During your tour to Downtown Dubai, see the world's highest-performing fountain. The Dubai Fountain is a not to be missed sight where you would get immersed in a magical world of water, music, and light. Powerful water jets are deliberately spaced out over an area e 30-acre Burj Lake, at the foot of The Dubai Mall. At any given time, the fountain can shoot up to 22,000 gallons of water as high as 140 meters into the air. The place offers a wide range of carefully picked musical melodies, spanning from classical to Arabic and worldwide music. The Dubai Fountain offers a variety of attractive musical and light performances set to an eye-catching musical harmony, and we strongly advise you to see this magnificent fountain, since it is one of Dubai's most popular tourist attractions. The fountain is voted the most beautiful tourist attraction in Dubai by a huge number of people every year, owing to its closeness to the top tourist sites and the grandeur of its design at the same time.

Dubai Zoo

On the 119-hectare property, there are roughly 3,000 creatures, including 78 species of mammals (including 10 different carnivores and 17 primates), 50 types of reptiles, 111 varieties of birds, amphibians, and invertebrates. The Arabian Desert Safari is a drive-through attraction based on Western Asia's enormous deserts. This trip, which is decked with iconic Arabian Peninsula animals, brings the medieval wandering desert of the Arabian Peninsula to life. The park comprises 75.1 hectares and provides a good environment for various species since it protects and maintains nature. Dubai Zoo is the earliest zoo in the Arabian Peninsula. Since its beginnings, Dubai Zoo has set itself apart from other parks in Dubai by housing rare creatures such as Bengal tigers, Siberian tigers, Arabian wolves, and horned oryx. The park is home to around 118 distinct species, each of which has its own section, for a total of 984 species and 2500 animals. In total, the park is home to over 230 different animal species, the majority of which are mammals, making it one of the greatest tourist destinations in the country

Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque, one of Dubai's most prominent buildings, invites tourists of all religions to appreciate the environment and learn about Islam and local culture. The mosque, which can accommodate over 1,200 worshipers, was constructed completely of white stone in the medieval Fatimid style, with twin minarets soaring above a massive main dome. The complex creativity and elegance are enhanced when it is lit up at twilight. The Jumeirah Mosque is considered one of the most magnificent mosques in the United Arab Emirates. This mosque is a remarkable example of Islamic architecture, built exactly on the lines of Cairo's Al Azhar Mosque, which is much bigger in size. It's also one of the UAE's most photographed mosques.

Dubai creek

Dubai Creek, commonly known as Khor Dubai, is a saltwater estuary that connects the cities of Bur Dubai and Deira. The Dubai Creek, which separates Bur Dubai and Deira, is an artificial river designed to facilitate commercial ships. Traditional marketplaces, souks, and natural sea waters, as well as high-rise skyscrapers, can be found here. For tourists to Dubai, a trip to Dubai Creek is a must. It is the major reason the city exists, owing to the historic trade post that was built on it, and it displays a distinct aspect of the city. Walking near Dubai Creek is a wonderful experience. The fact that it's a very basic road with souks, shops, and restaurants as pit breaks makes it a leisure stroll during nighttime.

Miracle Garden

Since it originally opened nearly nine years ago on Valentine's Day, this 72,000-square-metre sanctuary has blossomed into one of the country's most gorgeous, aromatic attractions, with more than 150 million blossoming flowers. The Dubai Miracle Garden is rightly addressed as The Miracle Garden because it is nothing short of a miracle. It was built on arid terrain, just the way almost everything else in the Middle East is. It is the world's biggest natural flower garden, with more than 60 million blossoms on exhibit.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a visual and sensory delight. It is possible to observe the hues and blooms come to life. This garden comes to life with distinctive blooms from the middle of November until the end of May.

Things to Do in Dubai

Besides the seven-star hotels, man-made islands, and the world's highest structures, underwater hotels, and buildings, Dubai is a must-see destination for a variety of fun activities. Visitors are drawn to the area by the warm weather that lasts all year. You will never run out of things to do in Dubai since it is a vibrant metropolis that is alive 24 hours a day. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Miracle Garden are three must-see Dubai attractions. The lovely emirate of Dubai has a lot to offer guests of all types. Some of the activities that you could indulge in are visiting the Gold Souk and the Shopping Malls, Check out the Dining areas, Visit the art galleries, the cafes and fishing villages, Book yourself a dessert, Safari, Try your hand at Golfing and Skydiving, Go for a Day Spa, Learn some pottery making, try underwater biking, Enjoy in the coffee museum. The choices are unlimited and will keep you busy.

Best Food in Dubai

The Dubai cuisine, which combines Iranian, Lebanese, and Arabic flavors, will leave you wanting more. If you go to the streets or restaurants, you will have a wonderful time. Whether you're a gourmet or not, you can't overlook the delectable flavors that Dubai cuisine has to offer. The tantalizing aromas of Dubai's spicy dishes will pleasantly tickle your taste buds. Dubai caters to all types of eaters, including vegetarians and non-vegetarians. And there are so many options on the list that you will be spoiled for choice. Some foods will even make you feel at home because they embody their society's tradition. Take a peek at all of the culinary treats that will make your tummy growl with hunger. Some of the most loved dishes of Dubai are Manousheh Iranian Sangak. Chelo Kebab. Al Harees,Al Machboos, Mandi, Oozie, Kousa Mahshi, Shirin Polo, Baba Ganoush, Fatteh, Kellaj, Falafel, Fattoush, Madrouba, and Shish Tawook

Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is a shopping paradise for all those shopaholics and for those who end up becoming shopaholics. Some of the best things to buy in Dubai are Camel Milk Chocolate, Dates, Bakhoor, Attars, Aladdin Lamps, Lanterns, Stones, Hookahs, and Pashmina Shawls, Gold, rugs and carpets, Arabic sweets, perfumes, electronic items. Dubai lao Has the best shopping malls to choose from depending on what exactly you wish to buy.

Best Time to Visit Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai is November to March because during this time weather would be pleasant and comfortable. The summer season can be hot and humid to visiting Dubai.

How to Get a Discount on Air Travel to Dubai?

If you are looking for a discount on air travel to Dubai, our website is the best place where you will get exclusive discounts. Simply visit our offers section and get attractive deals for air travel, especially for Dubai. There are many promo codes and coupon codes offered by which you can avail of for your flight ticket bookings.

Top Routes from Dubai

Dubai International Airport is the world's busiest airport by international passenger traffic and serves Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is also the world's sixteenth busiest airport by passenger traffic, as well as one of the busiest freight airports. Kuwait, Muscat, Bahrain, Riyadh, Mumbai, Jeddah, and Delhi are the major routes connecting Dubai.

Major Airlines Flying from Dubai

The major airlines that fly from Dubai to other countries are Emirates (EK), Flydubai (FZ), Air India (AI), IndiGo Airlines, Air-India Express (IX), Spicejet (6E) (SG),Wizz Air (W6), Pakistan (PK)

How to Reach Dubai from Major Cities of India?

From India, there are many airlines that serve their flights from Dubai to Indian cities. The regular flights from Dubai to major cities of India are available at an affordable price on our website.

New Delhi to Dubai

A budget airline Jet Airways is the best option to travel from Dubai to India or vice versa, there are approx 20 direct flights to Dubai from New Delhi every week, these flights take 3 hours 45 minutes to arrive at Dubai international airport from New Delhi airport. You can book New Delhi to Dubai flights starting at 10,184 INR.

Mumbai to Dubai

If you are looking for flights from Mumbai to Dubai, then Air India and Jet Airways both are top airlines for this route. The distance between Mumbai and Dubai is 1937km and the average flight time is 3 hours 45 minutes to reach Dubai from Mumbai airport. If you wish to book a flight ticket from an international airline then Etihad Airways is the best option.

Kolkata to Dubai

In between Kolkata to Dubai there are 14 direct flights operated by Emirates every week. Air India and Qatar Airways airlines have stopover flights for this route, the layover airports are New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore for flights from Kolkata to Dubai. Emirates airline is the most popular airline for Kolkata to Dubai route, this airline provides complimentary meals, in-seat audio & video, web check-in facilities, etc.

Bangalore to Dubai

There are some major airlines that provide their flights from Bangalore to Dubai. IndiGo and Emirates both airlines connect Bangalore to Dubai via direct flights, per week approx 30 flights of these airlines operate between these cities. Air India, Jet Airways, Etihad Airways, and Emirates are the major domestic & international flights that provide their service for this route.

Chennai to Dubai

Emirates, IndiGo, and Flydubai are the major airlines that offer their flights from Chennai to Dubai and vice versa. The distance from Chennai to Dubai is approx 2942km, and a direct flight takes 4 hours 15 minutes to cover this distance. If you want to book a cheap flight from Chennai to Dubai, then Varafi is the best place where you can apply a coupon code and get an amazing discount for this route ticket.

How to Reach Dubai from other Cities of the World?

To travel to Dubai from other international cities of the world, flights are the most convenient way. Major international cities are well connected with Dubai via direct and indirect flights. The major cities connected with Dubai via flights are described here.

New York City to Dubai

Dubai & New York City both are one of the busiest cities in the world and their airports, John F. Kennedy International Airport & Dubai International Airport are included among the top busiest airport in the terms of passenger traffic. Gulf Air, American Airlines Emirates, and Qatar Airway are the major airlines that serve their flights for this route. The average flight time from New York to Dubai is 12 hours 30 minutes. There are frequent flights for this route, Emirates airline has 20 direct flights per week from New York to Dubai including direct and indirect flights.

London to Dubai

For those who are looking for flights between London to Dubai, British Airways, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Air France are the best options. These airlines serve their direct & indirect flights, if you book a direct flight then within 7 hours you can reach Dubai from London and an indirect flight may take 24 hours due to stopovers. Royal Brunei, British Airways, Qantas Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Emirates are the top airlines in which you can book direct flight tickets for London to Dubai.

Singapore to Dubai

The distance between Singapore and Dubai is 5833km that covers by a direct flight within 7 hours and 15 minutes. If you are going to book a direct flight ticket for this route then Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Emirates are the top airlines. Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and Qatar Airways are the major airline for Singapore to Dubai route. To get affordable flight tickets for this route you can book your tickets from our website and grab amazing deals as well

Sydney to Dubai

There are top airlines available for Sydney to Dubai route which you can book for your travel. The major airlines are Malaysia Airlines, Air China, Air India, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, Qantas Airways, Emirates, etc. If you are looking for a direct flight ticket then Emirates and Qantas Airways are the top airlines for this route, that offers direct flight tickets. Direct flights reduce the traveling hassle and save travel time.

FAQs - Dubai Flights

Q:1 Is it important to purchase Travel insurance for Air travel?

There are many benefits of purchasing travel insurance for air travel, but it is not necessary. Travel insurance covers medical emergencies during air travel, baggage loss, flight delay, and flight cancelation, these facilities would be beneficial if you are traveling abroad and your flight is a stopover.

Q:2 Is it necessary to carry a passport & Visa for Dubai air travel?

Of course yes! It is important to carry your valid passport & visa for Dubai air travel. You must carry your id card with a photocopy.

Q:3 Do I need to carry my Covid vaccination certificate during air travel?

Yes you can carry your Covid vaccination final certificate during air travel, and must read the covid guidelines of your arrival city before travel.

Q:4 Which documents should I carry for Dubai to Delhi flights?

Whenever you travel from Dubai to Delhi or Delhi to Dubai via flights then you should carry your passport, visa, Adhar card, Pan card, air ticket, and boarding pass in your bag. Ensure that all documents you are carrying are valid.

Q:5 How can I get the cheapest flight deals for Dubai flights?

There are a few tips which will help you to book the cheapest flight tickets for Dubai. The first thing is to book your air tickets in advance, which means 3-4 weeks or 1 month before the date of departure. You can book an air ticket for an early night or early morning becasue peak hours tickets are usually more costly than odd-time flights. Go for a round trip ticket if you need it because round trip tickets are more economical and save money on air travel. Apart from these tips, if you want a Dubai flight ticket at an affordable price then visit our website, search for flights, apply the coupon while booking the air ticket, and get amazing discounts without any hassle.