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Vistara Airlines

In 2015, by the joint venture of Tata sons & Singapore, Vistara airline was formed and since then it has been offering its valuable services. Due to its amazing hospitality and reasonable flight fare Vistara airline is one of the leading low budget air carriers that provide complimentary food and drinks for its passengers in flight. The name Vistara is derived from “Limitless expanses.” Vistara provides many classes for air travel. Vistara economy class, Vistara Business class lite, Business class standard, and Business class Flexi, so if anyone wants to book a flight ticket according to their comfort, Vistara airline is the best option for them. Vistara airline provides extra legroom, comfortable seats along with personalized attention service for their passengers.

Vistara Airline Popular Routes

There are 30 destinations covered by Vistara airline worldwide, of which 27 destinations are domestic and the other 3 are international destinations. The popular destinations of Vistara airline are Amritsar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Srinagar, Dibrugarh, Bagdogra, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Goa, Guwahati, Indore, Bangalore, Jammu, Jodhpur, Raipur, Udaipur, Khajuraho, Kochi, Port Blair, Pune, Leh, Mumbai, Ranchi, Lucknow, Patna.

“Delhi to Mumbai” route is the most popular route of Vistara which has 12 flights on a daily basis. For Mumbai to Ahmedabad, there are 10 flights that take off regularly. There are 5 flights from Bangalore to Delhi, operated by Vistara airline. Vistara operates its flights to Singapore, Dubai, and Bangkok apart from India. The popular Vistara international routes are New Delhi to Singapore, New Delhi to Dubai, Pune to Bangkok, Kochi to Dubai, and Mumbai to Dubai.

Web Check-In

Vistara airline allows its passengers to do web check-in for a seat selection of their choices. For web check-in, passengers need to visit its official website, click on manage your trip, then enter the PNR number, name, and date of departure. Now a seat map will be shown on the screen from where passengers can choose their favorite seat. After web check-in boarding pass will be sent via email. For a seamless travel experience, passengers can choose a priority check-in facility. Web check-in allows pre-booking meals and excess baggage limits. From 48 hrs to 2 hrs before the flight departure, Vistara passengers can do web check-in without any trouble.

Baggage Allowance

A different class of travel has different baggage allowance for Vistara airline, For economy class, the cabin baggage allowance is 7kg, for premium economy class baggage allowance is 10 Kg, check-in baggage allowance for economy class lite & economy class standard is 15Kg, for economy class Flexi & premium economy class lite it is up to 20Kg. For premium economy class standard baggage allowance is 25Kg and for premium economy class Flexi it is up to 30kg. For business class standard 35kg and business class Flexi are 40kg baggage are allowed. Cabin baggage for business class is up to 12 kg.

Travel Insurance

Passengers should buy travel insurance because it covers medical emergencies, accidental death, baggage loss or damage, flight delay or cancellation, etc. To purchase travel insurance you can visit Vistara's official website. If you are booking your air tickets from Varafi then you can directly purchase travel insurance from our website. If any foreign passenger wishes to purchase travel insurance only when they have a work permit in India.

Amazing Offers for Vistara Airline

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FAQs - Vistara Airlines

Q:1 Does Vistara offer a student discount on the flight booking?

Yes, for students Vistara offers a 10% discount on the base fare of flight ticket. Other taxes are payable by the student and the student must carry a valid student id card while traveling.

Q:2 Are there any excess baggage charges for Vistara airline travelers?

Yes, Vistara airlines charge 500 INR for excess baggage weight, this charge is applicable for all classes of travel whether it is business class, economy class, or premium economy class.

Q:3 Does Vistara operate its flights for international routes?

No, currently Vistara is not operating its flights for international routes. Previously Vistara only operates 3 international destinations.

Q:4 Which are the popular domestic destinations of Vistara Airlines?

The most popular destinations of Vistara are Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Dibrugarh, Bagdogra, Kolkata, Bangkok, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Goa, Guwahati, Indore, Jammu, Jodhpur, Khajuraho, Kochi, Leh, Mumbai, Port Blair, Pune, Raipur, Ranchi, Lucknow, Patna, Srinagar, Udaipur, and others. These destinations are well connected by Vistara Airlines.

Q:5 Vistara airline allows carrying sports items in flight?

Yes, sports items are allowed by Vistara airline in check-in baggage. Sports items should be carried out in cabin baggage. Rest you can read the terms & conditions before packing your baggage for air travel to know which items are allowed and which are not.