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How can I cancel a flight ticket without cancellation charges on Domestic flights in India?

If you have booked a flight ticket that is non-refundable then there is no way, to cancel a flight ticket without cancellation charges on domestic flights in India. There are a few points which you can try to avoid paying cancellation charges for domestic flight tickets cancellation.

First of all, you can try to book a flight ticket which is refundable. Search for such flight booking portals which offer refundable flight tickets and a zero cancellation policy for their users. You must ensure that at the time of flight booking what is the cancellation policy of the website from where you are booking the ticket.

Tips to avoid cancellation charges for flight ticket.

Before you will book a flight ticket ensure that you are not going to cancel your plan. If you are not sure about a trip then you should avoid booking a ticket if do not want to pay the cancelation charge. Apart from that, there are more tips that you can try, just have a look at these tips.

Book a flight ticket that is refundable:

Whenever you book a flight ticket, must check whether the ticket is refundable or not. Because if it is non-refundable then after cancellation you will have to pay more than half the price of the flight ticket amount. So, it is better to book a refundable ticket. At the time of flight ticket booking, users will have to pay some extra money for refundable flights as airlines charge more fares for refundable flight tickets.

Choose a flight booking site that offers a Zero cancellation policy:

There are few sites that offer a zero cancellation policy. To avail of this offer user will require to pay some nominal amount at the time of flight ticket booking. This amount works as a fare shield, so if the user will cancel their flight ticket, they do not need to pay cancellation charges.

Avoid booking a flight ticket with an offer:

Usually, when any airline provides some special offer on flight tickets, they do not provide other offers with it. Like the flight ticket would not be refundable. Whenever you will book a flight ticket that has an offer, must check how much amount you will get if the ticket gets canceled by either side.

Well, here you find how to cancel a flight ticket without cancellation charges on domestic flights in India. Now just have a look at how you can get an easy refund after the ticket cancellation. Getting a quick refund for a canceled flight is not that difficult. Again you must follow a few things for a refund.

  • Ensure from where you had booked the flight ticket and what was the payment mode. Usually, the refund reflects in the same bank or credit/debit card which was used for payment.
  • You can try an e-wallet for getting a refund, like Paytm, PhonePe, Airtel Money, Travo wallet. Travo wallet is only applicable when you have booked a ticket from the Travolook website. This site refund the flight ticket cancellation amount in this wallet within 48 hours of cancellation.
  • Inform the airline or travel agent as soon as possible that you had booked a flight ticket and it had been canceled due to some reason, so they will initiate the refund.

What if the flight ticket has been canceled by the airline?

If the airline has canceled the flight ticket due to some operational issues, then the user will get a full refund of their flight ticket booking amount from the airline’s side. To avoid such conditions passengers are suggested to purchase travel insurance at the time of flight ticket booking.

Would like to know what is Travel insurance and how beneficial it is? Let me explain. Actually, Travel insurance is a kind of insurance that covers all kinds of medical emergencies, flight delays, flight cancellations, baggage loss, etc. You can buy travel insurance at the time of flight ticket booking by paying some nominal charges.

So, if you have travel insurance and the ticket is canceled by the airline, then in this condition not only you will get a full refund but also you can claim for reimbursement. To get more, you can contact any travel agency or Travolook customer care team. They will explain it in detail and help you to choose the best travel insurance for your trip.

Hope you find a way, how to cancel a flight ticket without cancellation charges on domestic flights in India. Apart from that if you wish to book an affordable flight ticket, then the Travolook site is the best option. Here you will get hot deals and discounts on flight ticket booking. Quick flight search, easy booking, and simple refund and cancellation policy of this site have made it one of the leading online flight booking portals.