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How to cancel / claim a refund of your flight?

Have you booked your flight ticket for your trip from Varafi and looking for help to cancel the flight or do you have canceled the ticket and want to claim a refund? Here are some steps which will assist you to get the right way to cancel/claim a refund for your flight. You can follow below given steps to cancel your flight ticket which you booked at Varafi.

Step 1. Sign in at the Varafi.

The first step to cancel/claim your refund for flight ticket is to visit the website and sign in.

  • (a) If you are registered user, then use your booking/reference id or PNR along with password for sign in to your account.
  • (b) If you are a guest user, then you can use booking/reference id or PNR and email address which you had at the time of flight ticket booking.
  • (c) If you are unable to remember your sign-in credential, then you can reset your password or contact customer support for assistance.

Step 2: Click on the cancel the flight button.

On the website, you will get an option to cancel the flight ticket. Click on that and continue.

Step 3: Check the airline's policy.

To claim your refund, you need to check the cancellation policy of the respective airline. If you have booked a refundable flight ticket then you will get refund.

Step 4: Read the Varafi refund policy.

After being ensure about the airline, check the Varafi refund policy. It will help you to get knowledge about “when you can get the refund for your cancelled flight ticket.”

Step 5: Continue for cancellation.

Select the passenger’s name and details which ticket you want to cancel. And tab on cancel the flight ticket button.

Step 6: Confirm the cancellation.

Now you can cancel the flight ticket and check the cancellation charges.

Step 7: Contact customer care.

Once you have canceled the flight ticket via using Varafi website, you need to contact the customer support team to inform.

You can also ask them, when you will receive the refund and how much amount you will receive. (If you have booked a non-refunadable flight, then you will receive few amount only.) Therefore if you are not sure for the travel, then always prefer refundable flight tickets, so you can get the full refund.

Step 8: Claim for refund.

When you have canceled your flight ticket, now it is term to claim for refund. Normally, airlines takes 10-15 business days to initiate the refund and after that 5-6 business days by Varafi to initiate the refund in user’s account.

  • Ensure that the refund will be initiated in the same bank account, credit/debit card or UPI which was used for the payment, at the time of flight ticket booking.
  • If you have any confusion or concern then you can contact to the customer care team of Varafi and they will assist you to claim the refund.

Note - After flight cancellation from the end of the user, Varafi takes time for 20-22 business days to initiate the refund in user’s bank, UPI, or card.

How to avoid cancellation charges for flight ticket.

Before you will book a flight ticket ensure that you are not going to cancel your plan. If you are not sure about a trip then you should avoid booking a ticket if do not want to pay the cancelation charge. Apart from that, there are more tips that you can try, just have a look at these tips.

Book a flight ticket that is refundable.

Whenever you book a flight ticket, must check whether the ticket is refundable or not. Because if it is non-refundable then after cancellation you will have to pay more than half the price of the flight ticket amount. So, it is better to book a refundable ticket. At the time of flight ticket booking, users will have to pay some extra money for refundable flights as airlines charge more fares for refundable flight tickets.

Avoid booking a flight ticket with an offer.

Usually, when any airline provides some special offer on flight tickets, they do not provide other offers with it. Like the flight ticket would not be refundable. Whenever you will book a flight ticket that has an offer, must check how much amount you will get if the ticket gets canceled by either side.

What if the flight ticket has been canceled by the airline?

If the airline has canceled the flight ticket due to some operational issues, then the user will get a full refund of their flight ticket booking amount from the airline’s side. Varafi will initiate the full refund after they receive the refund from the airline’s side. In this case, if user have purchased a travel insurance will help you to get refund from the airline.

To get the status about the refund of your cancelled flight, you can contact to the customer support team of Varafi or send an inquiry at